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    3 Easy Steps to Reduce Hair Fall

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    Hair loss or hair fall can occur in both men and women of all age groups and backgrounds and range from mild hair thinning to total baldness.  Hair can fall out for many different reasons, but experts say that 100 hairs shed per day is normal and that beneath every fallen hair another hair follicle has grown in its place.  Also it’s important to remember that we tend to lose the most hair in the late fall/early winter when hair reaches its maturity growth cycle. 

    However, for some people – male and female — hair fall or loss is not just inconvenient, it’s a much more significant and heart-breaking problem that may even be a sign of a serious medical condition on the rise. 

    1. See your doctor!

    The first and most important step to reduce hair fall is see your doctor as soon as you notice significant hair fall or thinning, and especially if you are having other unexplained physical symptoms. 

    Your doctor should be able to determine upon physical examination if the cause of your hair loss is based on your medical or hereditary history, if some medication you take could be the culprit, how healthy (or unhealthy) your diet is and even if your hairdressing habits need to be changed. 

    If you’ve shared a hat, brush or comb with someone else, you may have developed a hair fungus, which can be easily treated with medication.

    1. Reevaluate your lifestyle.

    If your hair loss is related to drug side effects or other medical condition, you probably don’t need to do much else other than (with your doctor’s approval, of course!) discontinue or substitute the medication that’s causing the problem.  Your hair should grow back in due course. 

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    Likewise, hair that’s falling out from the trauma of chemicals (hair color, bleaching, perms) and heat-based hairstyling tools (blow dryers, hot rollers) will grow back if you limit or stop their use all together. 

    If hair loss is a result of poor diet and nutrition, adopting a balanced diet rich in whole grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables, along with a plan to minimize stress and get regular exercise will be just the ticket to having a normal, healthy head of hair again.

    1. If you need treatment, stay with the regimen.

    Men and women with hereditary-pattern baldness can be medically treated with topical Minoxidil (Rogaine).  Another option – but for men only! — is oral finasteride (Propecia, Proscar). 

    Fungal scalp infection treatment requires 6 to 12 weeks of oral medication, such as Lamisil or Sporanox, and possibly with over-the-counter shampoos like Selsun Blue or Head & Shoulders.  In some cases, your doctor may also recommend you consider hair transplants or scalp reduction surgery as an alternative cure for hair loss. 

    Or you can use a natural hair loss supplement to reduce hair fall.

    Here are some of the benefits of using natural hair loss cures:

    • They reduce hair fall starting in 1 week.
    • They don’t cause any side effects because they are made of herbs and natural extracts.
    • They will save you time and money compared to using hair transplants or scalp reduction surgery that can cost you well over $5,000.
    • Thousands of other men have used them with success.

    3 Quick Ways to Reverse Hair Loss

    If you are experiencing hair loss, you are not alone. More than 30 million men in the United States alone experience some level of male pattern baldness.  The difference lies between how much hair the individual loses.

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    Signs of Hair Loss/Male pattern baldness:

    • You see an increasing amount of hair lying on your pillow when you wake up each and every morning.
    • You see random strands of hair just lying around your house.
    • You actually begin to see missing hair on your head when you look at the mirror.
    • You start to see patches of hair missing on your head.

    The most likely cause of these signs is DHT.

    DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone derived from testosterone responsible for hair loss in men. This hormone blocks essential nutrients going to your hair scalp, which causes hair to weaken, thin and fall out. You’ll see only a small amount of lost hair at first. This amount will begin to increase until you start to see visible missing hair.

    In the end your hair will be in a horseshoe pattern, leaving the crown of the head fully exposed.

    Here are 3 easy ways that will help you reverse hair loss if you continue to see these signs.

    1)      Do-It-Yourself Hair Loss Remedies

    You’ve probably heard or read seen hundreds of these from your friends or on the internet. It’s true that these work because they provide nutrients to the hair scalp, which can appear to the user as a working cure.

    However you’ll only see temporary results and you will not eliminate DHT at all.

    2)      Get Help From a Professional

    You can always get professional medical help from a trichologist (hair and scalp specialist). A trichologist will put you through this examination:

    • The trichologist will ask for your personal information including health history, and your family health history to look for any health issues.  You will be asked what kind of products you use to care for your hair, whether you use chemical hair products, whether you swim, or wear hair in tight hairstyles.
    • You will then go through a physical exam where the trichologist will pull some hair out of you to keep for the analysis. The trichologist will use this hair to run a hair loss diagnosis for the next appointment.
    • Once you’ve been diagnosed, the trichologist will refer you to a medical doctor who will provide you with the most suitable treatment for your condition.
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    3)      Try a Hair Loss Stopper

    Hair loss problems are best fixed by using any reputable hair loss cure. You could spend your free time buying the necessary ingredients and mixing them together to make your homemade remedy. This could be time consuming and ineffective due to the short-lasted results.

    Instead, find a hair loss cure online, and read through the various reviews available on the many different products out there. Once you’ve found a product that’s been working to reverse hair loss for other men, purchase at least a 3-month supply of it, because you’ll need at least that amount to fully regenerate your hair.

    You could try Rogaine or Propecia which you can get at your local pharmacy. These are chemical products that also stop DHT like natural cures, but they can be more expensive and can cause unwanted side effects.

    Here’s a quick reminder of how natural hair loss cures benefits your life:

    • They do not cause any side effects.
    • They are cheaper over the long run
    • They stop DHT production & eliminate existing DHT that is mainly responsible for your loss of hair
    • They enhance the speed of hair regeneration
    • They improve blood circulation around the body and boost overall health.
    • They save you time and money.